David Sensiba is Still Exciting Fans

David Sensiba poses by his #48 arena racing machine.

Arena racing is alluring for many reasons, it’s a great winter-time diversion, an opportunity for young drivers to hone their skills and place for some pretty big stars to have fun in little cars.

David Sensiba has been a name long associated with oval track racing.  The 2010 arena racing series champion is best known for his successes in ARTGO and ASA, and even though those series’ no longer exist Sensiba is still finding his way into victory lane in various other forms.

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Arena Racing is Family Fun

Arena Racing @ the Grand Rapids DeltaPlex

Last weekend I had an amazing time at a stock-car race in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I know that it sounds funny, but on January 8th and again on February 5th there is true stock car racing within the confines of the Grand Rapids DeltaPlex.

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