Kids Korner – Evergreen AMA District 14 Sprint Enduro

On July 19th I went to the Evergreen Sprint Enduro.

AMA District 14 2019 Open B Hare Scramble Champion Gunnar Buhr takes a corner at Evergreen on July 19, 2021 (DeLayna Dubie Photo)
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Kid’s Korner – Corrigan Oil “Spartan” Speedway (DeLayna’s Debut)

I had fun at Corrigan Oil Speedway.

DeLayna Dubie (Age 6) Takes notes for this, her writing debut at Corrigan Oil “Spartan” Speedway’s Wild Child 100 on July 2nd, 2021.

They have good bathrooms and nice stands.

It was good meeting Mert & Carol, Matt, Marty, Rochelle & Brad, and Tracey.

The Wild Child 100 was a good race.

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