Kids Korner – A Royally Good Time At 4-Crown

DeLayna waves at the 4-wide salute at Eldora’s 4-Crown Nationals

My family made the long but worth it trip to Eldora Speedway for the 4 crown ( I get to teleport/sleep most of the way) . Eldora is in central/western  Ohio, so we got to see 3 states, Michigan, Indiana and then Ohio.

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Kids Korner – Crystal Motor Speedway… Always A Great Time

DeLayna Dubie watches the track get packed in at the Great Lakes Nationals

I was really excited to go to Crystal Motor Speedway, for the Great Lakes Nationals. They had a lot of cars.

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Kid’s Korner – Corrigan Oil “Spartan” Speedway (DeLayna’s Debut)

I had fun at Corrigan Oil Speedway.

DeLayna Dubie (Age 6) Takes notes for this, her writing debut at Corrigan Oil “Spartan” Speedway’s Wild Child 100 on July 2nd, 2021.

They have good bathrooms and nice stands.

It was good meeting Mert & Carol, Matt, Marty, Rochelle & Brad, and Tracey.

The Wild Child 100 was a good race.

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