Dixie Motor Speedway

A winning moment at Dixie Motor Speedway

This past weekend (August 27th) I learned a little more about what I would consider Michigan’s smallest Super Speedway.   Located near the Prime Outlets in Birch Run, Michigan Dixie Motor Speedway is a perfect place to spend a Friday night.  Continue reading “Dixie Motor Speedway”

SJO Super Cross Racing

Gunnar Buhr on his #206 KTM

For most of my life when I thought of racing it was always centered on the four-wheeled variety…but then five years ago all that changed.   It wasn’t an amazing race that got me tuned into Super-Cross racing instead it was little Gunnar Buhr who at the age of two introduced me to his first vocabulary words of “Ahhhmaha” (Yamaha) and “Suzuki” and colors like “KTM Orange”.  Continue reading “SJO Super Cross Racing”