RallyCross goes off track at Crystal Motor Speedway

There was some mud-slinging action at Crystal Motor Speedway's March 10th RallyCross Event.

“Real Cars! Real Fast!” is often the motto associated with rally racing, and although stage rally’s definitely live up to the slogan, there is no place where that slogan is more fitting than in RallyCross.

RallyCross is a true test of production equipment, there are no mandates for a roll cage, no installation of race seats and safety belts; instead you or I could take our daily driver, pay a registration fee, strap on a helmet and tackle the course. Continue reading “RallyCross goes off track at Crystal Motor Speedway”

Some Wizardry with Kevin Lincoln

Kevin Lincoln is truly the "Wizard of Air". On a summer day he poses by his Modified. (Photo Courtesy of Hogan Technologies)

When it comes to natural talents, some people go through life never really knowing what gifts they have, others find them but are never able to pair them with a passion, and then there are some who get it all.   This is the case with Dorr, Michigan’s Kevin Lincoln. Continue reading “Some Wizardry with Kevin Lincoln”