Hooked Up & Hauling with Brent Hook

Brent Hook takes a stand next to his no.17 Modified

Watching a black no.17 make laps around the wicked-fast high banks of Kalamazoo Speedway is not an unusual sight.   It’s also not all that uncommon to see that same no.17 in victory lane after a Modified A-Main.

For nearly three decades; Alamo, Michigan’s Brent Hook has been putting a smile on the faces of western Michigan race fans.   For Hook, the interest in auto racing was sparked by a love for cars in general, and after he graduated from Western Michigan University where he played football, Hook decided to pour his competitive nature into a Sport Stock. Continue reading “Hooked Up & Hauling with Brent Hook”

Fast & Furious at Kalamazoo Speedway

The parking lot was full at "The Fastest 3/8-mile Track in the World"

Wicked-Fast High-Banked Asphalt Racing; nothing can better describe the action at Kalamazoo Speedway in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Western Michigan comes alive with the rumble of race engines on Saturday nights at what is one of Michigan’s premier speedways.   Continue reading “Fast & Furious at Kalamazoo Speedway”