SubaRoots Rally: Carrying on The Dream

(SubaRoots Rally Photo)

In just one week Rally Cars will invade northern Michigan and I am definitely ready for some exciting heart-pumping rally action!

Although this annual event is always filled with excitement, this year will have even more intensity as drivers, volunteers, and enthusiasts pay tribute to a man who changed the sport of rally racing forever. Continue reading “SubaRoots Rally: Carrying on The Dream”

Sno*Drift ProRally: Hot Racing Action in Cold Temperatures

Even though there is snow on the ground up here in Northern Michigan, it in no way signifies that you can’t see some spectacular racing action.   In fact, on January 27-28th the back roads of Montmorency County will be coming alive with high speed action when the Sno*Drift ProRally invades the otherwise serene county. Continue reading “Sno*Drift ProRally: Hot Racing Action in Cold Temperatures”