Matt Pickard…Keeping Racing In The Family

Matt Pickard sits in line-up awaiting a great night of racing at Crystal Motor Speedway.
Matt Pickard sits in line-up awaiting a great night of racing at Crystal Motor Speedway.

In Mid-Michigan Dirt Late Model racing it is hard to miss a hot-pink infused no.115.  For two years the car has garnered a lot of attention, and although the number and scheme may be new, the driver behind the wheel has the experience and talent to make the car even more noticeable. Continue reading “Matt Pickard…Keeping Racing In The Family”

Austin Dillon… Staying close to his roots

Austin Dillon in action at Eldora Speedway.

A black and white no.3 seems like it would be an uncommon sight to the fans of dirt track racing.  Something to be seen only on Sunday’s from the comfort of ones living room or occasionally from the grandstands of the nearest NASCAR sanctioned event.  But that no.3 has been a common sight on all ends of the spectrum in recent years since Austin Dillon began turning laps. Continue reading “Austin Dillon… Staying close to his roots”

Bill Bray…Living It and Loving It!

Billy Bray unbuckles after a hot lap session in his no.94.

“Living the Dream”, It’s a term we hear quite often and usually associate with very few lucky individuals.  But for Spring Lake, Michigan’s Bill Bray that is exactly what he does each and every weekend.

For the driver of the no.94 Dirt Late Model racing isn’t just a hobby as he said with a smile, “I race!  That’s what I do and who I am.” Continue reading “Bill Bray…Living It and Loving It!”

On The Fast Track with Andy Bozell

Andy Bozell awaits his turn to qualify the no.83 at Kalamazoo Speedway

With nearly twenty track championships to his credit; there is no denying that Andy Bozell has a talent for driving a racecar that surpasses most.

The Portage, Michigan native has been living life in the fast lane since the early 1980’s, but his passion for oval track racing began long before he first strapped in, “My dad Gordy started racing in 1957 and competed for 25-years.  His career started before I was even born so I truly grew up around the sport”.   Continue reading “On The Fast Track with Andy Bozell”

Scotty Baker: Turning Laps and Turning Heads

Scott Baker stands by his no.13 before an evening of racing at CMS

For Ionia, Michigan’s Scotty Baker, strapping into the cockpit of a racecar was always more than just a childhood dream, it was a passion.   

Growing up near I-96 and Crystal Motor Speedways, Scotty spent many summer nights in the grandstands, “I remember being a kid and coming to the track and watching Bob Flinn in his #02 Late Model and knowing that was what I wanted to do”.   Continue reading “Scotty Baker: Turning Laps and Turning Heads”

Jon Henry Taking His Career to a New Level

Jon Henry poses next to his #15 machine at Volusia Speedway Park (FL)

A florescent orange car is not easily overlooked; but when that car is the #15 driven by Jon Henry fans and drivers alike definitely take notice.

The mild-mannered Ada, Ohio farmer has amassed a multitude of victories and four-consecutive championships already in his green career; capturing the 2007 Waynesfield Modified Championship, the 2008 Limaland Motorsports Park Championship, the 2009 American Late Model Series (ALMS) series championship in conjunction with Rookie of the Year, and the 2010 Eldora Speedway Big E Modified championship. Continue reading “Jon Henry Taking His Career to a New Level”

David Sensiba is Still Exciting Fans

David Sensiba poses by his #48 arena racing machine.

Arena racing is alluring for many reasons, it’s a great winter-time diversion, an opportunity for young drivers to hone their skills and place for some pretty big stars to have fun in little cars.

David Sensiba has been a name long associated with oval track racing.  The 2010 arena racing series champion is best known for his successes in ARTGO and ASA, and even though those series’ no longer exist Sensiba is still finding his way into victory lane in various other forms.

Continue reading “David Sensiba is Still Exciting Fans”