SJO Super Cross Racing

Gunnar Buhr on his #206 KTM

For most of my life when I thought of racing it was always centered on the four-wheeled variety…but then five years ago all that changed.   It wasn’t an amazing race that got me tuned into Super-Cross racing instead it was little Gunnar Buhr who at the age of two introduced me to his first vocabulary words of “Ahhhmaha” (Yamaha) and “Suzuki” and colors like “KTM Orange”. 

Now many summer weekends are spent with the Buhr family at Enduro’s or moto-cross events watching the now 2nd grader lay down fast laps and get air over the jumps.   He has taught me to enjoy a new form of racing, and I can now pick out a manufacturer by color and an engine size by sound.

On August 25th I had the pleasure of seeing little G-Man in action on home-turf as the SJO Super Cross racing series made a trip here to Gaylord for the Otsego County Fair.

Gunnar who has moved up to the 65c.c. class this year did a great job of making smooth laps.  Watching him race is such a mixture of pride, excitement, and nervousness!

Patrick Denison wheels though a corner on his #177

This year I also got to see another young man who did an incredible job in his first ever race.  Gaylord’s Patrick Denison was very impressive, keeping the bike upright and placing well in both of his events…Way to go Patrick!!!

Several teams from all over the state traveled to the event and the racing was extremely exciting.   Each of the classes was unbelievably competitive and from the youngest to the oldest racer they put on a show that was truly exciting for us Gaylord residents.  

For those of you who have never been to a Moto-cross event, I definitely encourage you to give it a try.  It is an adrenaline pumping sport that has so much talent that one cannot help but be impressed and entertained!

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