Brenten DeYoung…Learning From The Best

Brenten DeYoung pilots the no.7D into place for heat races at Crystal Motor Speedway
Brenten DeYoung pilots the no.7D into place for heat races at Crystal Motor Speedway

Whether it is turning wrenches or turning laps; there is no doubt that Sheridan, Michigan’s Brenten DeYoung is most at home when near the rumble of an engine.

The young driver who will begin his Sr. year at Carson City-Crystal High School in a few weeks has a racing career before age 18 that many would envy in their veteran racing seasons.

DeYoung strikes a pose next to his no.7D machine.
DeYoung strikes a pose next to his no.7D machine.

The son of Crystal Motor Speedway modified standout; Myron DeYoung, Brenten spent many summer Saturday’s at Crystal Motor Speedway, as he stated with a chuckle, “My family has been racing since long before I was born, so they just brought me into the world of racing when they brought me into the world in general”.

Although he has had some very illustrious shoes to fill between his father Myron and his uncle Johnny DeYoung Jr., Brenten has proven that while he is still a rookie by many standards, he is definitely holding the DeYoung name to the same high standard that has been at CMS for over two decades.

Brenten’s own career began in the 2011 season when he strapped into a rear-wheel drive 4-cylinder.  After just a single summer in Flinn stocks, Brenten made the move into the Street Stock division.   From the very start DeYoung proved that he had every intention of making a name for himself, and that the familiar no.7D would be in its rightful place; victory lane.   Carrying on his dad Myron’s number was an easy choice for Brenton, “I have always liked the number choice and feel that the no.7 really pops out on cars”, stated DeYoung before adding with a shy smile, “And I wanted to be like my dad too I guess!”

Just a few short weeks into his first season in the Street Stock division, Brenten proved that he was right where he belonged by picking up his first feature win in the division on June 9th.  From that point on there was no looking back for DeYoung as he continued to be a contender throughout the 2012 season and ended up 2nd in the final CMS point standings.

Given the IMCA style line-up configuration that Crystal Motor Speedway uses for all six of its regular divisions, the A-Main in each class is lined up with a 12-car invert based on the point standings.  Because of this, Brenten has had to progress as a driver faster than most, “Since last season I have been starting in the back of the field every single Saturday night, and I have been able to battle my way into the top 5.  The invert has made me grow as a driver” Exclaimed DeYoung,  “I feel like I am getting better as a driver, but I feel like I would still like to make a lot of improvements so I have been running a couple of different tracks along with Crystal and we have been running pretty good!”

From the vantage point at the top of the Crystal Motor Speedway point standings, Brenten is definitely running “Pretty Good”, and the future certainly is bright for young driver, “Somewhere down the line I would like to get into a Modified and race against my dad” exclaimed Brenten before adding with a chuckle, “Even though I know he would beat me!  Right now though I am focusing on getting knowledge in the automotive field, anything with power I love working on and would like to pursue that as a career after high school!”

Brenten gets some last minute advice from his dad Myron as he awaits his turn to get on track on a beautiful summer night at CMS

As for racing against his dad, although it is a dream of Brenten’s, right now he is enjoying being able to watch Myron compete from a different perspective, “Now when watching my dad I actually know what is happening, so I can sometimes make suggestions to him driver-to-driver that may help him win!” proclaimed DeYoung before adding, “I always enjoyed being involved, but racing is way more fun than watching.  It looks really easy honestly, but it is so much faster and the competition is so much harder than it seems from the grandstands!”

Brenten is currently living his childhood dream, and there is no doubt that his future will be filled with many more realized dreams, and DeYoung  knows that is his success is due largely in part to the great team he has behind him.  Brenten’s Mom and Dad, Uncle John, Dan, Tyler, Aunt Nora, Kenny, and “The Candyman” give him endless help and support.  DeYoung is also grateful for the support of Stanton Auto Glass, DG Performance Welding, Darrell’s Sales, DRC Racecars, Aero Machine, Sweet Grafix, and Crystal Clear Water Wells; all of which keep the orange no.7D on track.

With only 3-years behind the wheel, Brenten DeYoung is definitely one to watch for the remainder of 2013 and for years to come!

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