Gregg Dalman: A New View For 2014

Dalman prepares to warm up his no.49T machine on a sunny Saturday night at CMS.
Dalman prepares to warm up his no.49T machine on a sunny Saturday night at CMS.

Bellevue, Michigan’s Gregg Dalman views life from a different perspective, his vantage point is always behind a steering wheel.  Throughout the week it is an 18-wheeler owned by Martin Transport that serves as Dalman’s window to the world, but on the weekends he trades that view for a much more exciting one; the cockpit of his no.49T 360ci Winged Sprint Car.

From the time he was two-years-old Gregg Dalman knew that he wanted to be a sprint car driver.  His mom’s boyfriend at the time had a no.49 Sprinter and a young Gregg could never get enough.  As most kids were preparing for grade school, Dalman was preparing for a future behind the wheel.  What started out as a stint in Quarter Midgets at Capital QMA in Lansing, MI, and Waterford in southeast Michigan progressed into Motocross racing as Gregg hit his teens.

Both Gregg and his brother Tim enjoyed the intense two-wheeled action, but when Tim went back to his oval track roots racing an IMCA Modified, Gregg soon hung up his helmet and followed as an active crew member on Tim’s no.94T machine.

The rumble of race engines, and the smell of burning fuel soon infiltrated Gregg and he couldn’t resist the urge to slide behind the wheel of his first love; a Sprint Car.  With a fresh no.49T on the wing representing the man who introduced him to the sport, and the inverse of his brothers number; Gregg got on track.

Since that day over 14-years ago, Dalman’s rim-riding racing style has earned him the admiration of the fans who love the entertainment that comes from watching what can only be defined as controlled chaos, and the respect of his competitors who have learned that Dalman is strong contender with a clean approach and a great deal of character.

Gregg Dalman strikes a pose next to his Fierce no.49T Sprinter.
Gregg Dalman strikes a pose next to his Fierce no.49T Sprinter.

With the assistance of his team partner Jason Fausey, Dalman has been able to realize his dreams of racing on a more regional level, “Wherever we can race we race!” exclaimed the 2012 Sprints on Dirt Champion with excitement.  “We have even raced and won Michigan Traditional Sprints series events which are non-winged with our typically winged car.  Lately, we have been running a lot with the NRA Sprint Invaders in Ohio and also running with Sprints on Dirt, but I have learned that when it comes to Ohio, they have good equipment, good car owners and mechanics, and they are natural born Sprint racers.” laughed Dalman.

With his program ramped up in recent years; Dalman is definitely in search of a new challenge, and the NRA Sprint Invaders is the perfect fit, but experience has shown him that when it comes to the world of auto racing, you can never take anything for granted, “You have the good years and the bad years, it just comes with the territory.” Dalman proclaimed, “In 2012 I couldn’t do anything wrong, and then the beginning of 2013 I couldn’t do anything right!  At least we were able to finish the year strong and hopefully we can carry that momentum into 2014.”

Although the gates just recently closed on the 2013 season, Dalman is looking ahead to what he hopes is another great season.  With a 2nd place points finish in the Sprints on Dirt series, and an 11th place finish with NRA, Dalman is hoping to add more impressive finishes to his racing resume in 2014, “This coming year we are going to concentrate a little more on the NRA series than we have previously” stated Dalman, “I really want to get a championship with that series!”

With the memory of his 2012 S.O.D. title still fresh in his memory, Dalman is certainly hungry for more; but no matter how many championship trophies sit on his shelf, that 2012 title will forever hold a special place for Gregg, “My dad Gary passed away this spring, so to win the championship last year and know that he got to see me win it at Tri-City Speedway, and that he got to come down and celebrate it with me was probably the best memory of my career!”

Gregg Dalman gets a push from Keegan through the pits at Crystal Motor Speedway.
Gregg Dalman gets a push from Keegan through the pits at Crystal Motor Speedway.

Whatever the future holds for Gregg Dalman, one thing is for certain, he will never be too far from the rumble of race engines, “Racing is in my blood and always will be.  That is the awesome thing about Sprint Cars.  You have guys that are starting out really young, and then you have drivers in their 50-60’s who are still in their prime and getting it done!” Exclaimed Dalman, “I think until the day that I die I will be involved in racing in some way and somehow.  Whether it’s going to the races or turning wrenches or having one of my sons; Alex (Age 22), Ty (Age 19), or Keegan (Age 13) driving for me, I will be around Sprint Car racing!”

There is no doubt that Dalman is passionate about this sport and grateful for the support of those who have enabled him to live out his dream, “I have to thank my racing partner Jason Fausey for making all of this happen.” exclaimed Gregg, “I also have to thank my engine builder Paul Kistler; because without his power-plants we wouldn’t be winning and running up front.  Without Air-Lift, GTS (Ground Test Solutions), Fierce Herbicide, Oliver Connecting Rods, Steyer Seeds, Outerwears, Zeal Miticide, American Rental, Edge Wraps, Pro-Mec Engineering, Fausey Farms, and Slade Shock Technology I couldn’t do this.  This is an addictive and expensive sport, but they make it possible for me to be up front and competitive!”

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