SubaRoots Rally: Carrying on The Dream

(SubaRoots Rally Photo)

In just one week Rally Cars will invade northern Michigan and I am definitely ready for some exciting heart-pumping rally action!

Although this annual event is always filled with excitement, this year will have even more intensity as drivers, volunteers, and enthusiasts pay tribute to a man who changed the sport of rally racing forever.

In late April Matthew Noble Marker lost his life while rallying through the back country of Washington state.   Matt’s ever present smile, free spirit and love for life were contagious, his neon lights and thumping music made him an amazing ambassador for the sport, while his pure talent and passion made him a fierce competitor on the Rally America tour.

Our hearts will all be heavy knowing there will be no #65 screaming through the woods, turbo hissing, and snow flying…but Matt’s memory lives on with each of us and the Subaroots Rally Team will be paying him great homage next weekend.

Subaroots is a group of rally enthusiasts dedicated to following Matt’s lead of presenting rally and all its awesomeness to everyone.  Rally Team Kaltak (RTK) is compromised of Matt’s mechanic Sam Kaltak and his wife and co-driver Rachelle, The Kaltaks will be crossing over from the world of Rally Cross to Stage Rally and doing battle in their #636 Subaru.  Also joining Team Subaroots Rally will be the all-girl team of Amanda and Desiray Skelly.  The Skelly’s will be piloting the Noble Star Rally #853, and not unlike RTK, this will be a crossover event for the Noble Star team as Amanda has been a Rally Cross contender since 2007.   The key element of Team Subaroots Rally is the 1994 #239 Subaru Impreza.  This was Matthew Markers first rallycar and last fall Team Subaroots purchased the car back and made a debut at LSPR with Marker’s co-driver Chris Gordon behind the wheel and Jennifer Majszak as navigator.  Sno*Drift will see Gordon turning wrenches while Ian Seppanen takes over the controls.

There is no doubt that this years event will be filled with intensity and emotion, but in the words of Matthew Noble Marker, “When Life takes a turn, just punch the gas!”

For more information on Team Subaroots Rally check out their Facebook page and “Rally In Peace”.

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