Sno*Drift ProRally: Hot Racing Action in Cold Temperatures

Even though there is snow on the ground up here in Northern Michigan, it in no way signifies that you can’t see some spectacular racing action.   In fact, on January 27-28th the back roads of Montmorency County will be coming alive with high speed action when the Sno*Drift ProRally invades the otherwise serene county.

70 Rally America sanctioned rally cars have already signed up to battle on the snow and ice covered dirt roads that network Atlanta, Lewiston and Hillman, Michigan.

These 2 and 4-wheel drive cars will tackle over 100-miles of course throughout a two day period.   The Rally kicks off downtown Lewiston, Michigan with the Parc Expose on Friday at 1:00pm.  The first competitor is set to take off from Kneeland St. at 2:30pm, from there competitors will do battle on closed courses throughout the county.   The Rally continues Saturday and concludes with an awards banquet Saturday night at the Hillman Community Center.

Rally racing is automobile racing in its purest form, and the excitement of watching a production car fly though the woods at speeds in excess of 100-MPH is immeasurable, so bundle up and come out!

Most spectator areas are completely free and family friendly.  A super special stage which resembles an X-Games course has a nominal fee which also includes bus transportation to and from your choice of Lewiston or Atlanta area schools.

For more information check them out on the web at

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