Spring is Here!

The calendar shows that spring has officially sprung, and although us in the northern states still show forecasts of below freezing temperatures and even some snow; it is a sign that warmer weather is on the horizon and with it will come the start of the 2015 racing season.

In just a couple of short weeks area tracks will be opening their doors and the rumble of race engines and the smell of fuel will be in the air.

Attica Raceway Park already had to postpone their opener due to the frigid temps on tap for this coming weekend, but April 3rd and 4th will see them in full action, on this side of the Michigan border Winston Motor Speedway will be dropping their first green flag on the 10th with Crystal Motor Speedway and Berlin Raceway opening up on the 18th.

Although I am definitely excited about the start to the 2015 racing season, much of my spring racing fix will be coming from “Races on The Web” as a brand new race fan is ready to make its way on to the scene just in time for race season.   “Baby D” is due on April 13th and although he/she (We chose to be surprised by gender) already has a set of infant earmuffs and some other race gear, it will still take a while before this mama is race ready.

While decorating the nursery (in an automotive theme of course), and installing the race-inspired Recaro car seat it has fully hit me what a truly wonderful sport it is that we all love.   Racing isn’t just about summer nights, its about family and relationships.   I am excited to share the joys of watching action packed racing with my child, seeing their eyes light up as cars take to the track, and as they grow to see them clap with delight when their favorite driver makes a pass or wins a race.

But most of all, I am excited for this little race fan to meet their extended family, through racing I have cultured some of the most diverse friendships I could have ever imagined and that to me is the greatest aspect of our sport.   Many activities can be called family-friendly, and there is no doubt that auto racing is solidly in that group, but the one thing that sets this wonderful sport apart is that we are “family-building” and that is something that I am truly grateful for.

Thank you all for reading and being part of my “family”.  Although I can’t say that I’ll see you when the NEXT green flag flies, I will definitely be in the stands with baby in tow in the very near future and look forward to seeing you there as well as on this blog which will be updated between diaper changes and mid-night feedings.

God bless and have a wonderful spring!

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