Welcome 2016!!!

DeLayna Jennifer Dubie joined our family and the racing community on April 5th, 2015.

2015 was a year filled with change and excitement for my family and me.   On Easter Sunday (April 5th) my husband and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world.   DeLayna Jennifer Dubie changed our world and our priorities. My laptop time was replaced with feedings and diapers and smiles and giggles so to all those who are reading this…THANK YOU!   Thank you for sticking with me despite the year-long hiatus.

Even though having a newborn in tow meant that my racing exposure in 2015 was limited I actually gained a new appreciation for this sport we love and the people that comprise it.

DeLayna-Races On The Web
Thanks to Races On The Web, we didn’t miss any of Crystal Motor Speedways opener

There is no other sport I can think of where a child is raised by the participants, racing is truly a family and DeLayna has been welcomed into that family with open arms.   I am blessed with a sweet baby who instantly shared her mama’s passion for motor ports.   At age 2-weeks she witnessed her first race via the awesomeness that is Races On The Web. Viewing Crystal Motor Speedways season opener from the warmth of a home and the comfort of the couch was perfect, even though I think neither DeLayna nor I actually stayed awake until feature time.

DeLayna-First Race
DeLayna instantly loved racing, never taking her eyes off the on track action during her first racing on the 4th July at Merritt Speedway

On the 4th of July David and I along with MeMe and Papa (My parents) introduced DeLayna to live racing with a trip to nearby Merritt Speedway.   She instantly loved the Modifieds and Late Models, refusing to sleep, instead following the on-track action.

Watching races through her eyes gave me an appreciation for the sport I never had before. I always knew that racing was family oriented, but becoming a mom made me realize just how great the racing community is.   There is no shushing from other spectators when a child makes loud noises; instead there is an appreciation that the future of the sport is secured with a new generation of race fans.

DeLayna-MARFC Night
DeLayna’s first MARFC night was a success. At age 3-months she became an official card carrying member. Pictured here with MARFC board member Bill Walters.

Although most of my racing experiences over the past year were close to home where we could easily get home fairly quickly, I still got to enjoy visiting tracks like Northern Michigan Speedway, Merritt Speedway, and Whittemore Speedway. DeLayna even made it out to her first ever MARFC night at Merritt Speedway as an official card-carrying MARFC Member (At age 3-months).

A huge highlight for me not only of the year, but my entire bank of racing memories though came in August when my family and I travelled to Waynesfield Motor Speedway in Waynesfield, Ohio to meet up with Jack and Jody Hewitt and experience a ride-along.

Getting a few laps in a two-seater piloted by one of the most genuine and kind individuals in the sport, not to mention my childhood hero was nothing short of incredible.

Hewitt-On Track
The Dewitt with Hewitt Experience is a once in a lifetime thrill

The Dewitt with Hewitt Experience is primarily run through Waynesfield Raceway Park, but they do have stops at other tracks throughout the season.   For a cost of $125 you get to make a dream come true.

Jody gets you suited up in full safety gear and then in between hot lap sessions you get to have 4-laps at full speed in a real sprint car thats modified into a two-seater piloted by one of the most talented drivers this sport has ever known.

Hewitt Experience
All suited up and running off adrenaline after an awesome ride

Everyone comes out of the experience with a different perspective which makes things even more interesting. My dad Mark was in awe, my husband David is now convinced he needs to buy a car and race, and I realized after three decades as a sprint car fan that I could “NEVER” race a sprint car because everything just happens WAY too fast. One thing is certain though, after just 4-laps you will never again look at the guy running at the tail of the field the same way again, because regardless of how slow he/she may look from the stands, from inside the cockpit they are flying.

Hewitt-In Car
There is nothing that can compare to flying around Waynesfield Raceway Park in a Sprint Car piloted by Jack Hewitt

This past year was definitely filled with a great deal of excitement and I am already looking forward to everything that 2016 has in store.

I will be kicking the year off with a trip down to Warren on January 23rd for the annual Michigan Auto Racing Fan Club (MARFC) Dinner.   A night filled with the celebration of champions, camaraderie, food and dancing will be fun for our entire family

The 2016 racing season is sure to be exciting. DeLayna is ready to to roll on her vintage Midget

The annual Sno*Drift Rally is also fast approaching with competitors from all over the world travelling to Montmorency County to do battle on the icy back roads on January 29th and 30th.

2016 is sure to be an exciting one and I am looking forward to sharing my experiences with all of you.

Thank you all for reading and happy New Year!

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