Kids Korner – Crystal Motor Speedway Is The Gem of Michigan

DeLayna cheers as the checkered flag flies for the Michigan Traditional Sprint heat race at the Great Lakes Nationals

I really enjoyed my visit to Crystal Motor Speedway, It was my first time ever going into the pits at an oval track, holy cow they had a lot of cars.

The drivers do watch out for fans but it is your responsibility to watch for them and be very careful.

Modified drivers await the start of their hotlap session at the Great Lakes Nationals on September 18th, 2021 (DeLayna Dubie Photo)
2021 Great Lakes Nationals Modified Champion Brody Bowser awaits the start of hot laps prior to capturing the prestigious victory (DeLayna Dubie Photo)

I really enjoyed watching the crews work on the cars they even stood in the engine compartment.

Rob Taylors crew was hard at work on the #44 Late Model trying to get it back on track for the Great Lakes Nationals on September 18th, 2021 (DeLayna Dubie Photo)

Ron allowed me the opportunity of riding in the truck with him so I got to watch cars from inside the race track, oh my they are so busy I got to hear them communicate on the radio. So much goes on that us fans don’t even realize.

The IMCA Modifieds speed around the 3/8-Mile of Crystal Motor Speedway on September 18th (DeLayna Dubie Infield Photo)

Crystals water train is awesome and the driver is pretty talented to be able to control it and go so fast. After we came out, I got to ride over the scales what a fun experience.

The Water Train puts some moisture down on the track on a warm September raceday (DeLayna Dubie Photo)

I got to meet such great people, Ron of course he is hilarious and so nice and gives the best hugs. I love Mary Jane she has the nicest smile and voice .

CMS Owner/Promoter Ron Flinn poses with DeLayna after running in the track

I liked that I got to meet retired tech inspector Terry Williams. I also met Gene who is a very nice official and gave me suckers. Thank you Gene.

Technical Inspector Gene and DeLayna chat in the pit area at Crystal Motor Speedway

I was so lucky that I got to meet a nice and fun to be around late model driver #10 Tom Dusen and the awesome Rick Stout and his wife Kathy. He use to drive the modified #410 and LM #55. That was so exciting

Tom Dusen’s #10 Late Model has been a mainstay at Crystal Motor Speedway for over three decades (DeLayna Dubie Photo)
DeLayna & Tom Dusen pose by his #10 Late Model at the Great Lakes Nationals on September 18th, 2021

Veteran racer Rick Stout poses by one of his former rides, the #55w Late Model now driven by dear friend Roger Wing’s daughter Amanda (DeLayna Dubie Photo)

I walked up to the tower and met Sue, Kris and Kim. Sue and Kris talk to the drivers over the raceciever and during the race they keep track of what position the cars are in. Kim works on the computer and tells Ryan and I think Ron where the cars are support to be and maybe who is responsible for bringing out a caution.

Scorers Kris Ward & Sue Lincoln take some time in the pit area before making their way to the tower for the final time as full-time scorers. After 29 years of scoring together, the duo retired on September 18th. (DeLayna Dubie Photo)

It is so good to hear Mark Cowan and Leo Pego announcing they sound so good and clear and I love that they say drivers names and numbers so us kids can learn who they are talking about.

The food was great, the bathrooms were clean and easy for me to use in other words kid friendly

And I can’t say enough about how comfortable, safe and roomy the grandstands are -kid approved!

Dustin Daggett sits in his #85 Sprinter at the 2021 Great Lakes Nationals. He would go on to win the main event for the Michigan Traditional Non-Winged Sprints (DeLayna Dubie Photo)

The races where awesome, I loved seeing the drivers moving their arms in the no wing sprint cars. I saw one of the best racing moves I have ever seen by Dustin Dagget #85 sprint car as he passed for the win just at the line, that was SO slick! There was a lot of passing in each class and the top 3 got BIG trophies, they were taller than me.

Ron put on one of the biggest firework shows that I have ever seen.

Fireworks light up the night sky showing honoring Kris Ward, Sue Lincoln, and Kim Fellows for their many years of service and dedication as all three retired at the conclusion of the 2021 season

I cant wait for next year to go back to Crystal Motor Speedway.

“I will see you the next time the trophy is lifted”

DeLayna Dubie

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  1. Thank you for the blankets and coming to see us. Great article. Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading them. Take care. We will see you someplace soon.
    Sue Lincoln and Kris Ward

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