Kids Korner – Bark River Is The Place To Be In The U.P.

An off-road truck shows the way to Bark River International Raceway the 2nd weekend in August every year for the Amsoil Off-Road Championship.

Bark River International Raceway in Bark River, Michigan is the place to see coolness.

There was a cool truck on the corner of the road to let us know we are going the right way.

Having a loose rear fender didn’t slow down the no.77 and he chased the no.4 in Pro-2 action.

When we pulled in to the parking lot the lady parking us was helpful and nice. The ticket gate people told us what all we could do and where to go, I liked that because that was my first time being there.

Pro-4 Competitor Andrew Carlson and DeLayna Dubie pose next to his Polaris Racing no.15 truck.

I loved it because every fan is able to be in the pit area and see all the trucks and racers, I actually had a racer #15 Andrew Carlson take a picture with me. He and his crew were so nice, and his truck was so cool. He also raced in different classes.

Andrew Carlson catches air as he crosses over the scoring line in his no.15 Pro-4 Truck.

I loved the races, it had very cool jumps, it was so funny to see the body parts try to fall off, it’s probably not funny to the driver or crew though.
The hot dog was great, I like sampling race track food by the way.
I had so much fun.

“I will see you the next time the trophy is lifted”

DeLayna Dubie

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