Kids Korner – Crystal Motor Speedway… Always A Great Time

DeLayna Dubie watches the track get packed in at the Great Lakes Nationals

I was really excited to go to Crystal Motor Speedway, for the Great Lakes Nationals. They had a lot of cars.

Victory Lane at Crystal Motor Speedway

Ron let me ride in the truck with him to pack in the track, it was so fun when we were on the high side it felt like we were going to tip over. We got a flat tire so we got to go to our pit crew/repair shop I pretended I was in a NASCAR getting work done. The best part of it was visiting with Ron, he is SO nice, funny and we not only have a love for racing in common but we have a love of basketball in common. Ron is even going to compete in a basketball game in Utah.

DeLayna learns all about clay types and track prep from Ron Flinn as they circle the 3/8-mile
Ron Flinn & DeLayna pack the track in for the 2022 Great Lakes Nationals
Ron & DeLayna pull into the Tire Barn for a pit stop

I got to meet one of my heroes Dustin Daggett, He is as great as a person as he is as a driver.

Dustin Daggett strikes a pose next to his #85 Sprinter (DeLayna Dubie photo)
Dustin Daggett & DeLayna Dubie pose next to his #85 Sprinter
DeLayna Dubie was generously gifted a T-Shirt by one of her heroes; Dustin Daggett
Dustin Daggett signs a T-Shirt as DeLayna excitedly watches

I took time to visit a little with Tom Dusen and his cute poodle Pepper (he is kind of old so he looks like salt and pepper, the dog not Tom Hehehe). I also met Brenton Mitcheltree he drives #24 mini wedge (He is Toms grandson).

Tom Dusen poses with his dog Pepper (DeLayna Dubie photo)

As I was walking by, I met Logan Nickerson # 21 Late Model, He is a young driver with lots of talent and so nice.

Logan Nickerson poses by his #21 Late Model (DeLayna Dubie photo)
Logan Nickerson & his crew work on his #21 Late Model (DeLayna Dubie Photo)
DeLayna Dubie being gifted a hero card and sticker by Logan Nickerson (Driver of the #21 Late Model)

I also got to meet another nice guy and great driver Myron DeYoung #7D IMCA Modified

Myron DeYoung poses by his #7D IMCA Modified (DeLayna Dubie photo)
DeLayna Dubie takes a picture of Myron DeYoung as he poses by his #7D
A crew member works on the #7D of Myron DeYoung (DeLayna Dubie Photo)

I ate my dinner which was a delicious hot dog.

I loved walking through the pits and seeing the cars, the people working on the cars and the drivers.

Pitside at the Great Lakes Nationals at Crystal Motor Speedway
A 4-Wheeler pushes a Sprint car to line up (DeLayna Dubie photo)

I was so happy I got to see a bonus feature because it was rained out the week before. The racing was terrific.

IMCA Modified make-up feature event action (DeLayna Dubie photo)
Starter Ryan Flinn looks over the IMCA Modified Make-Up feature (DeLayna Dubie Photo)

I like to hear Mark Cowan announcing he is so good and clear,

Mark is so nice and so funny. I have known him for years.

Another driver I had the opportunity to meet was Joey Fowler #19 Street stock

Ron Flinn, Joey Fowler, and DeLayna Dubie pose for a pitside picture at the 2022 Great Lakes Nationals

 While we were visiting with Joey, Ron stopped by and I got to experience one of the best times of my life, I got to ride along to push off traditional sprint cars, and watch the race from the infield.

DeLayna and Ron Flinn share secrets while waiting to push off the Michigan Traditional Sprints
DeLayna and Ron give a fist pump before pushing off the Michigan Traditional Sprint A-Main
Anticipation for DeLayna Dubie as she readies to push Sprint Cars off for the first time
Pushing off cars for the Michigan Traditional Sprint feature

After I got back grandstand side, I got to enjoy more great racing and got to visit a little with Mary Jane she is so very nice, she must love to laugh being she is married to Ron.

After the races I made a point to go on the track to say Hi to Ryan (Ron’s son). He gave me a piece of metal that he picked up off the track (It may be a piece of junk but I will treasure it).

DeLayna stands on the front stretch after the conclusion of Saturday nights portion of the Great Lakes Nationals

Thank you everyone that took your time to visit with me and Thank you so much Ron for making this such a special night.

I can’t wait for next year to go back to Crystal Motor Speedway.

“See you at the races”

DeLayna Dubie

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