Kids Korner – Merritt, Merritt, Merritt!

DeLayna Dubie cheers for drivers at Merritt Speedway on July 2nd, 2022.

I went to Merritt Speedway with my Mom, Dad, Papa and Meme. I had so much fun.

I had dinner at the track, I ate a good hot dog and amazing french fries, my Mom said it wasn’t a bad price either.

It made me happy to meet Rick Stewart, he drove the number 78. He was one of my Mom’s first interviews when she was a kid. My Mom said he was a great racer and he is very very nice . I took a picture of Rick and Betty Rodebaugh by his 1993 Championship photo that’s on the wall under the pavilion. My moms last interview on Rick Stewart is here.

Rick Stewart and Betty Rodebaugh

I love it when I get the opportunity to watch one of my favorite Late Model drivers Dona Marcoullier race.

Merritt has a very nice speaker system, I could even hear it clearly through my headphones.

Colin Thirlby in the #47 Modified during heat races (DeLayna Dubie Photo)

Their camera person is in the infield in a boom bucket truck, it is so funny, cool and very smart.

The Merritt Speedway photographer takes pictures from a boom bucket truck (DeLayna Dubie Photo)

I have always liked listening to announcer Roger Williams, he is clear and informative.

DeLayna and Merritt Speedway Track announcer Roger Williams

I also met Mike Blackmer (Merritt Owner); he is very nice. He knows my Meme’s whole family; it was fun hearing them talk about the old days when they were kids.

DeLayna and Merritt Speedway Track owner Mike Blackmer pose for a picture

Thank you Merritt Speedway.

“See you at the track”

DeLayna Dubie

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