Learning Comes Fast @ UNOH

Filming underway for a future episode of "Motorsports U"

The University Of Northwestern Ohio in Lima, Ohio is probably the most unique accredited college in the nation. 

It’s not the great praise for academics that this college receives, nor the fact that it was the first university to offer a degree in Automotive High Performance that really set it apart; No, what really makes UNOH stand apart is their awesome speedway and race teams.

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UMP Nationals – An Exciting Way To Close-out 2010

The pits were full at the 2010 UMP Nationals @ Eldora

There is absolutely no place on earth like Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, Ohio, and when it comes to the Big E there is no such thing as a normal Saturday night racing program. The action on the big high-banked half-mile is always intense and this past weekend (October 8-9th) was on-the-edge of your seat exciting as the track closed out the 2010 season with the UMP Nationals. Continue reading “UMP Nationals – An Exciting Way To Close-out 2010”

SJO Super Cross Racing

Gunnar Buhr on his #206 KTM

For most of my life when I thought of racing it was always centered on the four-wheeled variety…but then five years ago all that changed.   It wasn’t an amazing race that got me tuned into Super-Cross racing instead it was little Gunnar Buhr who at the age of two introduced me to his first vocabulary words of “Ahhhmaha” (Yamaha) and “Suzuki” and colors like “KTM Orange”.  Continue reading “SJO Super Cross Racing”